Decision Theater Network

The dg.o conference will offer demonstrations at the Decision Theater Network at the nearby ASU Tempe campus. The Decision Theater Network actively engages researchers and leaders to visualize solutions to complex problems. The Network provides the latest expertise in collaborative, computing, and display technologies for data visualization, modeling, and simulation. The Network addresses cross-disciplinary local, national and international issues by drawing on ASU diverse academic and research capabilities. 
The Decision Theater is home to innovative data visualization technologies including seven-screen panoramic HD displays, OpenSceneGraph and Google Earth for 3-D spatial visuals, Tableau for rapid visualization of data, and Mapstory, an online social cartographic platform that empowers a community of experts to crowd-source and peer review data within a geospatial and temporal framework. 
Participants will be transfered to the Decision Theater via shuttle. When registering for the conference, be sure to note if you would like to attend one of the Decision Theater demonstrations.
Additional information on the Decision Theater is located at: https://dt.asu.eduthis brochure.

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